Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the power of image. The nature of an image is to explain a story. But not all of them have this capacity. I feel attracted to images that are not complete, images that are distorted, modified or edited. Introducing myself into the world of cinema, I discovered that specific techniques could be used to show illusion and manipulation. Furthermore, directors like Dziga Vértov hypnotized me with their experiments. I wanted to know about the history and evolution of film art and how artists/directors dealt to create authentic masterpieces. Learn from the big ones to learn yourself. For this reason, I started studying mass media.


     However, the graduate led me into other interesting fields such as photography (especially light design), graphic design, video edition or introducing Flash AS 2.0 coding. Working on a photographic shooting or as a documentary producer on metamentalDOC (High Honours Final Project), I realized stage means everything. The process to locate the ideal background you had on the head and make it real was nearly impossible to figure [budget]. While studying the graduate, I had always one eye on the 3D animation world.


    I had a good mind to start 3D animation as a way to create from scratch whatever I wanted to show. Neither search for the perfect localization nor waste budget because every stage could be created by “yourself”. Like in photography, I deserved special attention to lightning and closely to hyper realistic images created by computer.


     Having finished the Master in 3D animation, I started my three-months internship in the theatre company La fura dels baus. Afterwards I became part of the crew developing operas and street shows. My tasks range from developing demo tapes on the preproduction process, working on the layout design for future projects that had to be presented to our clients, editing videos for project trailers or creating the whole video for opera and street shows. La fura dels baus opened me the doors to theatre.


     After nearly two years, I had the opportunity to study stage design and costume in Munich with Katrin Brack. In my point of view, stage design is a whole study of fine arts that reflects everything I learned before. However, I think that a good production has to reflect a point of uniqueness. Something that makes the play different from everything that has been done before. Video, stage and costume are complementary and have to tell a story.



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