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Il Racconto
del Silenzio
EstOvest Festival
Castello di Rivoli - Turin

“The depth in the poetic of the images transports the audience to surreal worlds

This is a Video design created for the masterpiece concert for the closing of EstOvest Festival in the Castle of Rivoli in Turin, Italy.

The project is composed by four different video art short stories, developed in 3D, that explained the human fluctuation of life, going through birth, conception and death.


The video is overflowing of symbolic elements that refer to ancient archetypes: tree men, women who look like goddesses with a luminous head, the element of water almost always present as a connection between all the other elements.

There is a fifth last story that reveals the connection that exists between the first four stories. The musicians, during the performance of the concert, played an improvised piece to reveal this last part.


For this exceptional concert some musical pieces have been specially created by Stefano Guarnieri, his piece called "Nikasikia kuhusu wewe", by Olga Vicktorova, a piece called "Loftly Topics" and the last piece written by Matteo Manzitti, "Il racconto del Silenzio", title from which the whole Festival takes its name in 2018. Tak Cheung Hui, with "Like a moth in the rain II" opened the concert with this piece that has won the "Call for Scores 2018". 



In der Nacht

Ana Scwedhelm, Carla Cottini (Web)


Bach Prelude


Song to the Moon

Ana Schwedhelm


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