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Karl V
La Fura dels Baus
Bayerische Staatsoper - Munich
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Short Film Collection

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Bayerische Staatsoper (Munich)

“When video art meets the stage, emotions arouse and

feelings take over the audience

Karl V represents for us the exploration of new languages applied to contemporary opera, where the video takes an artistic prominence as if it were a canvas. The projections, which occupy the entire back of the stage, are reflected and multiplied thanks to the large mirrored structures, further amplifying their effect.


An opera that deals with the complicated political intrigue through the game of powers, that unrolls through very impressive macro-scale images. Karl V is the new production for the Bayerische Staatsoper, directed by Carlus Padrissa (La Fura dels Baus). The premiere had a warm ovation from the Munich public, with 13 minutes of applause.

For this project, the video designer Marc Molinos (Piedra Muda LAB) collaborated with one of the most known painters of the moment: Lita Cabellut. We worked hand by hand on the video concept and the whole video elaboration to create a scenario full of poetry in the surreal world of the artist's paintings. 


Slow-motion images of great visual impact, without special effects to maintain the purity of the image in its most magnificent stage presence. Merging Lita Cabellut paintings with filmed dancers and actors, Tiziano’s Glory painting that melt with the deconstruction that characterizes the artist, or experimental painting filming combined with death nature.

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