metamentalDOC is a meta-documentary work that illustrates a discussion about what the "author documentary" and the problem of display and distribution. The work shows, in turn, the production phases for the development of a documentary. Exposure of film sequences and images interviews conjugated with theorists and professionals, emerges a metaphorical work, full of symbolism about the documentary for author.



Function: Production and interview's set for the audiovisual project. Coding and user interface development for the interactive  web documentary.



Development and original idea: Ingrid Blasco, Gloria Campos, Miriam Figueira and Marc Molinos.

Audiovisual documentary  tutor: Rosa Pons.

Interactive documentary tutor: Arnau Gifreu.



Jordi Ambròs (Executive producer of regional television of Catalonia (TV3))

María Cañas (Creative documentary)

Josep Maria Català (Mass Media Communication university professor in UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Francesc Escribano (Producer at Minoria Absoluta)

Joan Gonzàlez (Producer at DOCS Barcelona Festival)

Josetxo Cerdán (Theorist and director of documentary film festival Punto de Vista)

Marisol Soto (Television documentary director of  program Gran Angular)

Quim Crusellas (Director of Moviola Pro company and director of Cine Club Vic)

Ventura Durall (Audiovisual producer at Nanouk Films)




07/2010. UVIC.



Video Installation B/D (Birth/Death)
Video Installation B/D (Birth/Death)
Video Installation B/D (Birth/Death)
Chinatown // 3D Film
Chinatown // 3D Film
Chinatown // 3D Film

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