A modern and tecnological stage design for one of the classic theater plays of Shakespeare. The Tempest, written in 1611 matches with magic and witchcraft as taboo themes. Is said that Jacob I of England would burn in a bonfire all women who were said to do spells. 


Taking this information as a reference to the stage design, the priority was to get away of older representations, where romanticism and beauty takes over the scene. Instead a dark space, with an element that stands above the rest: a rain machine. This item represents the supernatural atmosphere that Shakespeare looks for this play. 


The rain machine, beside giving a mysterious ambientation, it also helps in the dramaturgie. This stage design was able to change velocity of spinning. Strong rain for the first scene of Ariel or very slow spinning for enchanment.



Function: Stage design, concept and construction.



Director/Dramaturgy/Musical line/Light:

Marina Kolmeder

Arrangements: Christoph Seidel

Director's assistance: Janina Werner

Music: Fréderic Laforêt u.a.

Stage design: Marc Molinos

Costume: Nicoletta Kolmeder

Light technician: Wolf Markgraf

Translation display: August Wilhelm Schlegel


Piano/Balalaika: Christoph Seidel

Guitar: Matthias Schaff

Bass: Benedikt Holnaicher


Prospero: Stefan Voglhuber

Miranda: Teresa Sperling

Ferdinand/Bootsmann: Andreas Haun

Ariel: Sara Farwig

Caliban: Renée Schöfer

Alonso/Trinculo: Ole Kujadt

Antonio: Stefan Passvogel

Stephano: Florian Gewessler

Sebastian: Felix Unterberger


MaxJoseph Magazine // PanoramicImage
MaxJoseph Magazine // PanoramicImage
MaxJoseph Magazine // PanoramicImage
50YearsOfGlory// VideoInstallation
50YearsOfGlory// VideoInstallation
50YearsOfGlory// VideoInstallation







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