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Sfera Mundi
La Fura dels Baus
Macro Street Show
Ljubljana Festival - Ljubljana

"The expeditions around the world, in search of species and other exotic elements as a treasure"

Sphera Mundi is a Macro Street Show created by Carlus Padrissa, from La Fura dels Baus for the Ljubljana Festival,  Ljubljana, Slovenia. In this occasion, the show talks about the story of Magallanes and the history of a slave that was sold as a translator for the expeditions around the world, in search of species and other exotic elements as a treasure and glorification of the trip.


The show talks about the different stages of the trip by boat and the different adventures of the tripulation. The director compared the importance of the Magellan expedition to the first trip to the Moon, when astronauts photographed Earth from space. The show was also dedicated to the centenary of opera and national ballet in Ljubljana.

For this production, we projected evocative videos designed in 3D for helping the narration of the different stage elements that played during the show and on the different structures. We created a plane sphere simulating the old thought that the earth was flat. This element was inside a crystal ball that turned around.


Also, during the show we projected on top of a structure giant ball a world map where you could follow the route of the boat during the different stages. As we often do, we have made a fusion of 3D elements with some recordings made in the studio, in this case we have recreated a witches' sabbath to represent the historical era and the places where the events took place.


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Bicentenario El Prado

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