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La Flauta Mágica
Zamira Pasceri
Teatro Solis - Montevideo

Future, outer-space and imaginary video worlds that combine with the present situation of our planet”

Who has not heard of Papageno? Or the Queen of the Night aria? The Magic Flute is one of the most represented operas of all times.


For this production, the idea was to draw inspiration from the near future and make a comparison with the current situation on Earth. The Director designed the video concept, mixing real images taken from the NASA together with other videos we designed inspired on the mix between nature and technology.

Pollution, thawing or the lack of energy are some of the premises that are raised visually, without forgetting the fantasy of this opera, which appears as fluorescent hummingbirds or micro-processed bees.

Released for the first time at the Solis Theater of Montevideo in Uruguai, the opera was received with great energy and this production has been also nominated for best staging and directing at the prestigious Florencio 2019 awards.

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