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Song to the Moon
Ana Schwedhelm
Music Video

“Rusalka's evolution is shown through the simplicity of both form and poetry, achieving images of great visual impact.”

Song to the moon is one of the best-known arias in the world of opera. The delicacy and subtlety that the character of Rusalka embodies lead us to a world of fantasy and fable inspired by the text of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen.

Inspired by the magic that surrounds the piece, through this artistic music video we wanted to pay tribute to a character that emerges from nature and evolves getting deeper into the human world. We show the reflection of a character through the simplicity of both the form and the poetry of the camera shots, achieving images of great visual impact.

Every scene involves a humanizing element, for example, the use of plastic tulle simulating a veil of a character trapped in her destiny. Or costume composed of wire mesh, which refers to this bond of a fantastic being at first weak and who grows stronger as he approaches humanity to find love. The costumes turn the outfits into an unprecedented organic sculpture, which brings a new meaning to the scene.

It was important for us to reflect a panoramic format to show all the air that is around Rusalka, thus giving more importance to the stage that we put together with the singer (played by Ana Schedhelm). At the same time, we were approaching this format to show a prisoner character within his own life. Elements such as wind and water were a must for the filming, as the energy from nature reflects the strength of Rusalka.

Black and white have a meaning for us because the drama that arises in this piece is evident. At the same time, we helped Rusalka's character remained almost blurred with the backgrounds, reflecting her own identity linked to nature.

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