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In der Nacht
Ana Schwedhelm & Carla Cottini
Music Video

In der Nacht" is a reminder that even when darkness seems to be taking place, the light is unlimited and keeps shinning

Two sopranos, a pianist, a sound engineer, a video designer team. It all started with a goal that seemed impossible: to record a video clip from distance and in isolation, in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

Piedra Muda Lab accepted the challenge and took it as an exercise in experimentation, taking advantage of the resources we had at our disposal. Although the means are complex, the message is simple: Love manages to keep us awake as we go through the darkness.

Hours of videoconferencing, light, sound and image tests with cell phones, furniture, home-made lamps and address by whatsapp with 5 and 7 hours of time difference. All this followed by an intense exploration of experimental videographic resources to turn around the limitations.


"Suddenly, we realize we have something very powerful in our hands." (Marc Molinos). We remember that, sometimes, in the limitations we find unlimited creativity and in the obstacles, a strength that can move a mountain.


This is how IN DER NACHT was born. A human message that transcends time and space. The wounded heart reminds us in difficult moments that love exists. The moon reminds us at night that there is a day. Music reminds us in loneliness that we are not alone. We open our eyes at night because we know that on the other side is always the day.


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