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Short Film Collection
Lita Cabellut
Video Art
a_short films

“Our strong point is to tell a story,
and to do it in an artistic and creative way.”
strong point is to tell a story,

The short film collection is based on the wonderful work we designed for the opera world premiere of Karl V at the Bayerische Staatsoper.

The artist Lita Cabellut wanted to give a second narrator story to the strong and powerful videos we had previously developed, using them as a claim of social abuses.


The idea was to break the silence, inspiring with images others to take some action and concern.

#1 If we drop the pillars of our society, the sea will swallow up the eyes of ethics.

#2 The Gypsy people have always been a people who climb to heaven in search of freedom and the elf.

#3 It happens again and again in the shadows of broad daylight.


Comp 1 (0-00-32-08).jpg

La Victoria del Silencio

Comp 1 (0-02-55-19).jpg

Song to the Moon

Ana Schwedhelm


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