Council of Lleida

“Transfer the knowledge generated in the university research process around the Pyrenees Solstice Fire Festival to society”

On December 2015, UNESCO added the Summer Solstice Fire Festivals in the Pyrenees to the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, 63 towns in Andorra (3), Spain (17) and France (34). The Prometheus project arises from this recognition and aims to promote the common heritage of the three states through cross-border innovation in universities and research centres. PROMETHEUS-EFA309 / 19 is being developed within the framework of the Interreg POCTEFA 2014-2020 programme and is co-financed by ERDF funds.

The Council of Lleida (Spain), proposed us to create 4 different capsules to promote the Prometheus project during the confinement period for COVID-19. The idea stems from the impossibility of being able to actively participate this year in the Pyrenean fire festivals. So we shaped 3D characters and merged them with real images, in order to tell, in four chapters, the myth of Prometheus and the Falles of Pyrenees.


Comp 1 (0-06-04-11).jpg

Il Racconto del Silenzio


La Flauta Mágica

Teatro Solis