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La Victoria
del Silencio
Lita Cabellut
Museo Goya - Zaragoza
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Short Film Collection

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Il Racconto del Silenzio

Castello di Rivoli


“Filming an exhibition is about mixing the pieces exposed with the environment to create a connexion with the public ”

La Victoria del Silencio is the title of Lita Cabellut's exhibition for the Goya Museum in Zaragoza. We had never worked for any art gallery, but we had one thing clear: for us, the works exhibited had to reflect the dialogue with the viewer.


Integrating the space is something that we always try to respect as video-artists. The environment takes on a different meaning when you integrate it into the work, and you get a double poetic of art that speaks to the outside.


For this exhibition, we are entering the universe of Lita Cabellut. Through it we travel from beauty to death, passing through the pain and strength of the human being.

We developed a video where we used the narrative about the sample to attend the artist's reunion with her teacher Goya in the city of Zaragoza, Spain.


Through her gigantic paintings we were able to transmit part of the emotions that she wanted to instill in her works. Also including the detail of his works has been a great decision, since the macro works perfectly with the dimensions of his paintings.

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