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Chirino. El arte en movimiento
Arts Foundation Martin Chirino
Video Mapping
Castillo de la Luz - Las Palmas de GC

“when a video projection touches your soul,
means we have done a great job

We took the chance to explore and study the relationship that exists between the organic sculptures of Chirino and the constant inspiration in nature. The audience could submerge into the surrealist world of this artist, and learn about the meaning of each sculpture that was shown.

How does the work relate to the artist, what is it inspired by and what does it want to tell us?
These are the premises with which we start our research and development about the figure of the artist Martín Chirino. The organicity in his works maintains a close relationship with nature, his physical environment and his purest soul. The aim of this video mapping is to immerse the viewer in the psyche of the artist and transport him to the surreal and most intimate world of the author. 

What would the artist be without his traumas and his environment?

We started by studying the shape of some of his sculptures to contextualize a temporal evolution and see the works through the artist's eyes. We gave shape to the wind, recreated infinite horizons, simulated point-clouds of his sculptures, introduced fictitious characters with his works, and gave wings to his sculptures.The work process led the whole team to immerse themselves in a very psychological and artistic world at the same time, being especially faithful to his works and surrounding his works with the spirit of the author.During the show, there was also an interactive part where attendees could create organic figures and create a soundtrack from the movement of the body. A concept closely linked to the artist for his career.


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Il Racconto del Silenzio


La Flauta Mágica

Teatro Solis


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