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Premios SER Canarios
Cadena SER
Teatro Pérez Galdós - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

“The feelings and the beauty can always be found in anything that exists.”

The 15th edition of the awards ceremony - Friday 29 October at the Pérez Galdós Theatre in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


The pandemic, the fires, the migratory crisis and now also the volcano of La Palma These are the main topics which Cadena SER has been commissioned to represent in the opening video of the 15th Gala of the SER Canarios Awards.

It has been a very deep work to be able to represent four very hard and current themes. In the last year the life of every citizen of the Canary Islands has been completely changed and we have represented it with our poetic and emotional style, emphasizing through the images, the feelings and the beauty that can always be found in anything that exists.


Comp 1 (0-06-04-11).jpg

Il Racconto del Silenzio


La Flauta Mágica

Teatro Solis


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