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Oper im Steinbruch
Oper im Steinbruch St. Margarethen - Vienna

“video can recreate nature and make a projection not visible as video, but as reality

Oper im Steinbruch is a unique location, where the stage is set in the middle of an old stone quarry. In this magical setting, surrounded by nature, we had the pleasure to be part as video designers for the opera production of Nabucco.


We created two clearly differentiating visual languages that would represent each of the cultures, associated with their dogmas. We came to the conclusion that the best form of aesthetic representation would be, on the one hand, the Jewish community under the round line and very organic and careful visual elements, as well as very natural color palettes. On the other hand, the Babylonian as an artistic current influenced by modernism, a prominent graphic line, the pixel and very bright and saturated colors, with a predominance of gold.

In terms of technical equipment, we had a giant LED screen where only the Babylonian world was shown. On the other hand, the video projection with 5 projectors of 30,000 laser lumens on the stage, only represented the Hebrew world.

The result was astonishing. One of the most spectacular moments was when the stage was covered with projected vegetation and you had the feeling that real plants were growing. That was thanks to the previous study of the scenography, where we took into account both the crevices of the rocks and the play of shadows that it could create.


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