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Die Kunst der Fuge
Scala Club - Leverkusen

“A completely new dimension of experiencing and recognizing this pinnacle of an entire era opens up for the audience.”

Almost two years of intense preparatory work went into insight, the multimedia and in the truest sense visionary project of the delian::quartett in cooperation with the video artists Marc Molinos and Alberto De Gobbi from PiedraMudaLAB. insight makes the music in Bach's "Art of Fugue", as complex as touching, structurally visible, in real time and scientifically sound. 


insight is music-theoretically based on the comprehensive structural analysis of Bach's Opus summum by the musicologist and composer Andrea Damiano Cotti, as well as on the graphical algorithmization of the thematic material by Prof. Luisella Caire, head of the mathematical faculty of the Politecnico di Torino. All elements of the video installation, their transformations and choreographies are inspired by their research. Put simply, the shape of the “protagonists” of the installation bear on the graphic algorithms of the thematic variations; the numeric analysis of the different Contrapuncti determines the “plot” of the video sequences in artistic interpretation

On the occasion of a concert, we recommend to start with an introduction from stage. After a break, in our one-hour performance, the installation will take our audiences from room to room, following the sequence of fugues. Each Contrapunctus unfolds in its own surreal world. The parallel realities develop with the increasing complexity of the fugues; finally the fragmentary Fuga a 3 Soggetti enables a global and almost metaphysical perspective. En passant, we achieve a fusion of this "ancient music" with the digital space - an overwhelming experience...

On tour: 

19.04.2022         Turin 

23.04.2022         Wolfsburg

28.04.2022         Iserlohn

29.09.2022         Antwerpen 

30.09.2022         Dortmund

If you are a theater or interested in programming "Die Kunst der Fuge" (Bach), do not hesitate to contact us


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